Everything goes automatic these days and this is certainly a great thing for manufacturers who can now monitor their processes with the use of a video inspection system. These handy devices will help you closely monitor your manufacturing process, and now use digital cameras to provide close inspection, an operation formerly performed with manually, using optical microscopes.

The inspection of the manufacturing processes for circuitry and electronic components is now done with a video inspection system and this option has been praised as reliable and more productive than ever before.

Using a video inspection system will allow you to capture, compare images and take measurements using a high resolution monitor which comes in different sizes, and your factory workers will no longer have to bend over a microscope for every check.

The inspection system monitor is usually wall-mountable, which will reduce the operator fatigue and increase productivity as a result. The actual inspection is done using hand-held digital microscopes featuring LED lighting and adjustable stands which will afterwards send the captured images to the monitor. There are many digital microscope options for your to choose from. Most recently, even more options have been introduced, such as UV, polarizing filters and near-infrared lighting.

All of these features are guaranteed to increase your productivity and it’s time that you too rely on video inspection systems for your manufacturing process.


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