Tranquil PC/AVA Skinny Ripper Media Server

On February 22, 2012, in Multimedia, by Marty

Tranquil launches a new media server by the name of the Skinny Ripper. This one is a new media server that has been designed for audio ripping and storage and is able to stream music to your DLNA-enabled devices, gaming consoles, HDTVs as well as smartphones and tablets.

If you buy the Tranquil PC/AVA Skinny Ripper you’ll be able to access services such as iTunes, Roku, Samba or SONIS in order to download and store all your favorite music on one device that’s able to share your collection with other devices you own wirelessly.

The Tranquil PC/AVA Skinny Ripper media server comes with a 1TB HDD pre-installed where you can store all your media. You can insert a CD and let the Skinny Ripper do its job. It will save your music in lossless FLAC format in order to preserve quality as well as MP3 in order to stream the music to your devices.

Connectivity features include a Ethernet port so you can connect this one to the Internet and two USB ports that allow you to back-up your media on an external hard drive.

The Tranquil PC/AVA Skinny Ripper runs on Linux Fedora and comes with the Subsonic music streaming software pre-loaded.

If you live in UK you can get this one for £665.83


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