Top Mobile Apps for Dental Care Professionals

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The latest software applications for mobile devices have increased functionality to allow dental professionals manage practices and patients from anywhere, anytime. From patient education tools and management resources to image viewing software and dentistry guides, here is a collection of top mobile apps for dental care professionals.



The Dental Demo Suite GP is a comprehensive chair-side application that dental professionals can use to illustrate conditions and procedures to their patients such as cracks, periodontal disease, severity of decay, and numerous other treatments and conditions. Stock images are provided for use. DDS GP also lets dental professionals use their own patient images. During a case discussion, each type of image can be drawn on to depict specific points. The app is presently available on Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.



dcStory is a patient education tool that provides alternatives for educational counseling and treatment plan options. Educating the patient is an important aspect in any line of medical practice. dcStory helps dental professionals convey complicated clinical information in a simple yet descriptive manner to patients. The app has high-quality 3D images and more than 200 animations to guide patients through complicated procedures. The app also allows the viewing of x-rays and photographs and lets dentists draw or write additional information on to the images.



This dental imaging app provides 2D and 3D image viewing of images obtained from Planmeca x-ray units and stored using Planmeca Romexis software. iRomexis offers a straight forward method to share images with peers or discuss with patients. Dental professionals can view, zoom, and directly analyze the image saved in the network.  The app supports the different modalities from Planmeca imaging equipment including cephalometric, panoramic, intraoral, and 3D facial and CBVT X-ray images.

Dental Product Shopper (DPS)


DPS is a valuable practice management resource that is also one of the best available dentist-focused e-magazines. DPS provides up to date information on new dental equipment and includes articles about clinical techniques and practice, peer-to-peer evaluations of products, and highlights on new dental products in the market as well.  

GC Restorative Dentistry Guides


These Dentistry Guides can be used as a technique reference as well as a patient education tool. It provides well-illustrated animations that guide through each step of different restorative procedures. The interactive guides demonstrate how to use GC bonding agents and composites. The app is a useful tool for communicating with patients and valuable to have in the clinic as well.

Dental RX

Dental RX

Dental RX is a free practice management app that allows dental professionals to electronically fill a dental lab prescription and e-mail it out to any lab. The app allows the dentist to take pictures to capture the preferred fit and shade of each unit. Dental RX assists in maximizing dental lab results by minimizing order errors. The case entry form is comprehensive and includes aspects such as dentin color, occlusal plane, final shade etc.

MyDentist by DentalAnywhere


Designed to enhance patient communications, the MyDentist app offers an alternative to promote remote patient-provider communication requirements. Patients may need to access to dental support during office and non-office hours. If any emergency happens, the dentist needs more information that what a voice message can communicate. MyDentist provides pictures, text, and diagrams that patients can use to report emergencies to the dentist and receive quick instructions too. The app also allows patients to contact the office and request appointments.

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