It’s no secret that there’s an ongoing competition between Android smartphones and the iPhone. Even though Android is gaining some ground right now, the iPhone is still in many people’s hearts mostly due to its great processing power, crystal clear display and millions of iPhone apps in the iTunes store ready to help out with different daily tasks.

There are millions of people all over the world who use the iPhone to help them in their every day job. Right now, there are dedicated apps in the app store that will help users to be on their feet at all times when it comes to doing their job.

Among this people, there are also webmasters who keep their iPhone close to keep in touch with their site’s availability, traffic and other processes. There are apps to help you do this and check if your blog is working properly even when you’re away from your PC or laptop. These apps will let you know if your server crashes or will let you access the files on the server via FTP, using your iPhone only.

I’ve put together a list of the most useful iPhone Apps for webmasters and bloggers that will help you track the performance of your blogs and sites even when you’re travelling.

You can help extend the collection below by leaving a comment, in case you know any other apps that will help out bloggers and webmasters and web designers.

Ego iPhone App

Ego will let you check out web statistics with the aid of your iPhone. The Ego iPhone app supports Google Analytics, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Mint, Squarespace and Feedburner. The app will keep you updated with feed subscribers on your blog, hourly or daily statistics in your Analytics account, views to your videos and much more through an easy to use widget that will get these statistics at your finger tips without the need to log in every time in your accounts.

Pingdom iPhone App

Pingdom is a popular iPhone app that will keep you informed about the status of your website. The app will pop you an email whenever your server is down and your website or blog aren’t accessible to visitors. This one is a paid app which you can try for free for 30 days. You will than have to pay $9,95 a month to use it.

Cliqcliq Colors iPhone App

This one is a great app for web designers that will let your take colors from a photo and use it in your designs. You will even get the HTML hex code to use in your CSS files.

Google Analytics iPhone App

Google’s Analytics service is probably the best way to keep in touch with all the traffic data of your website at just one click on your iPhone screen. You will have to pay $5.99 for this app.

FTP on the go iPhone app

This iPhone app will let you access the files on your server for editing and maintenance. You no longer need your laptop to perform such tasks, you can remotely access these files via iPhone anywhere you are. You will have to pay $6.99 for this app.

Web Source Viewer iPhone App

The Web Source Viewer is a free iPhone app that will help you analyze the HTML source code of any website you visit. It’s a great app for web designers looking to debug their website or Javascript files.

WordPress 2 iPhone App

Bloggers love this app and for good reason. It is a free app that will let you post a new article on your blog, edit old articles or moderate your comments anywhere, anytime. If you own an iPhone and a blog, you must get this app immediately. The WordPress 2 is a free app that you can install on your iPhone and start blogging.

Domain Scout iPhone App

The Domain Scout app for iPhone will help you look up domain names and check if they’re available for purchase or not. You can also see the Whois information for a particular domain name so you can contact the owner. This app will cost you $0.99.

PHP Cheat Sheet iPhone App

If you’re a programmer just starting out, you’ll want this app. The PHP Cheat Sheet app will give you a quick reference to more than 1500 functions in PHP. A great app that will even let your test the code your write. You’ll have to pay $0.99 for it.

Chartbeat iPhone App

Chartbeat iPhone app will let you know how many people have accessed your website, how long they’ve stayed on a particular page, the page referrals and other useful statistics that will help you develop your website. You will get a 30 day trial period for this app, than you’ll need to pay $9.95 a month.


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