Sony’s PlayStation Vita Will Get Portable Charger

On February 18, 2012, in News, by Marty

The PlaySation Vita is nearly upon us and Sony keeps sharing interesting info about this new handheld console.

These handheld consoles are great when you’re on the road, however the battery does pose some limitation. Sony knows this and has decided to release two new devices that will allow you to recharge your Vita console on the road.

One of these devices is a standard car adapter and another one is a portable battery pack. The car adapter allows you to recharge your Vita console while driving, while the battery pack allows you to recharge your PS Vita 1.5 times. It takes 7 hours for the battery pack to recharge and you can take it with you on your long trips.

The car adapter will become available on March 22nd for $20, while the battery pack will become available on 5th of April for $60, only in Japan for now.

via Ubergizmo


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