The Samsung Galaxy SII is still considered one of the best smartphones ever made, so it’s only natural that Samsung would want to build upon their success and release a successor to their flagship handset.

Samsung has announced the release of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII sometime in the Spring of 2012 and many are already saving up for the new company release. Rumors circulating around the new Samsung release state that the new S3 smartphone joining the Galaxy line will have two versions. Apparently Samsung has decided to equip the Galaxy S3 with 3D capabilities that also require glasses. That’s a bit unconfortable for many, so there will be one version that does require 3D glasses and one that does not require them.

Rumors surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S3 featuring 3D capabilities have first appeared on and according to these guys the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be able to capture 3D video with two 3D enabled cameras on the back of the phone. You will still be able to watch 3D movies and 3D photos, even without 3D glasses due to the passive 3D technology used in the Galaxy S3.

As for the hardware used in the Galaxy S3, there’s a rumor stating that a 4.65 Super Amoled III HD Plus display has been built especially for the Galaxy S3 and will most likely resemble the display used with the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung needed to find a display that will support both 3D and HD, as well as offer great touchscreen capabilities, so this new Super AMOLED display seems to be the perfect candidate for the job.

It’s also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come equipped with a 2Ghz quad-core GPU, which will be a huge break-through, if this rumor is confirmed by the company. Reportedly, the 4G LTE connectivity will also be present in the Galaxy S3 as well internal memory options of 1.5GB, 2GB and 32GB. You will also be able to expand the internal memory by using an SD card.

Sources state that Samsung is trying to release the Galaxy S3 before Apple gets the chance to release the iPhone 5, which will most likely also feature 3D capabilities.

We’ll just have to wait and see how many of these rumors will be confirmed as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is scheduled to appear at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Most likely the price will be way up there and the new S3 will be a worthy competitor for Apple’s iPhone 5.


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