The CES may be over but we still have some discussion topics still worth your attention and one of them is Samsung’s Plasma TV line-up for this year.

Samsung has brought to the show a few new large screen TVs that have made a lasting impression on the audience.

Among these new releases there were a new OLED TV, a few Smart LED models that are budget friendly and may be a perfect option for you this year and the company’s Plasma TV line-up, including three new lines of Plasma TVs. To top it all off, Samsung has also introduced a new compact Blu-Ray player and we’ve talked about it a while back.

Samsung E8000 Series Plasma TVs

Samsung’s Plasma TV line for 2012 includes the high-end E8000 series featuring models coming with 3D and Smart TV capabilities as well as the gorgeous design we’ve all grown to love in last year’s models.

The design has been further improved with these new releases and now Samsung’s Plasma TVs come with slimmer bezels and the new media features for 2012.

The Smart TV features are what Samsung wanted to improve further given the success of the last year’s models. The 2012 flagship E8000 Plasma TV series packs an updated Smart TV platform, more apps and a touch-pad remote control with Smart Interaction control featuring gesture and voice control. Gesture and voice control is available with the integrated microphone and camera.

The Smart TV features are what separate Samsung’s new Plasma TVs from the competition this year. If you are looking for a truly “Smart TV” this year, the Samsung E8000 series is the way to go.

We shouldn’t forget to mention the new and improved 3D capabilities which you’ll still be able to enjoy using Samsung’s 3D glasses. Samsung announces that you’ll be able to enjoy a 10% improvement in black levels with the flagship E8000 series as well as improved picture quality in comparison to the 2011 models of Plasma TVs.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E8000 $1,797.99 Buy
60-inch Samsung PN60E8000 $2,598.00 Buy
64-inch Samsung PN64E8000 $3,298.00 Buy

Samsung E7000 Series Plasma TVs

Samsung E7000 series coming in Spring 2012 features the same gorgeous design as the E8000 flagship series. You will still get the Smart TV features as well as the 3D capabilities you can find with the flagship series.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E7000 $1699 Buy
59-inch Samsung PN59E7000 $2549 Buy
64-inch Samsung PN64E7000 $3399 Buy

Samsung E6500 Series Plasma TVs

The Samsung E6500 line of Samsung Plasma TVs comes with a few mid level models and all the features you would expect from a 2012 plasma TV.

All models in the E6500 line come with a 1080p 3D panel, Smart TV capabilities including 1500 that can help your to extend your HDTV’s functionalities apps and a brand new browser and built in WiFi connectivity to top it all off.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E6500 $1,519.99 Buy
60-inch Samsung PN60E6500 $1,897.99 Buy

Samsung E550 Series Plasma TVs

If you’re on a budget but still want all the quality of a Samsung Plasma TV, the company has the E550 line that’s worthy of your attention. The models in the E550 series are all equipped with a 1080p 3D plasma panel and range from 43” to 64” in screen size.

What you’ll get is an affordable Plasma TV model with active 3D and the new and improved Smart TV platform and Samsung apps. The E550 plasma models come with a 600Mhz Subfield Motion and Full HD 2D to 3D upconversion while the smart features are available via the built-in WiFi connectivity. Surfing the Internet is a breeze via the included web browser and you’ll be able to enjoy Smart TV features and access web content with Signature Services.

Upon purchase you’ll receive two pairs of 3D glasses so you can enjoy the 3D experience with your E550 Plasma TV model.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E550 $997.99 Buy
60-inch Samsung PN60E550 $1,919.99 Buy
64-inch Samsung PN64E550 $2,197.99 Buy

Samsung E530 Series Plasma TVs

If you’re looking for an entry-level Plasma panel and are not interested in 3D capabilities, look no further then the E530 series from Samsung.

There’s no 3D with this one, but only 1080p Full HD and 600 Hz of SubField Motion. The E530 series brings once again the Real Black Panel technology for enhanced contrast and the Wide Color Enhancer for the best colors. No slim design or Eco Sensor with this series, in fact, most of the new Samsung technologies are missing with these models.

Users will still be able to access online content via the ConnectShare Movie feature and there’s SRS HD available for high-quality Full HD video playback.

The Samsung E530 series comes in two new models, measuring 51 and 60-inches in screen size.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E530 $797.99 Buy
60-inch Samsung PN60E530 $1,499.00 Buy

Samsung E490 Series Plasma TV

The E490 series from Samsung comes with just one 51-inch model featuring 3D capabilities and 720p HD.

You’ll once again be able to find Samsung’s Active 3D and Real Black Panel for enhanced contrast levels as well as Wide Color Enhancer Plis.

Once again, if you decide to buy the E490 model, you’ll get the Eco Sensor, which basically means low power consumption and environmentally-friendly plasma panel.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E490 $697.99 Buy

Samsung E450 Series Plasma TVs

Last but not least, there’s the E450 series of plasma tvs, featuring 720p HD, but no 3D capabilities. The E450 models still bring the Real Black Panel and Wide Color Enhancer Plis, as well as the 600Hz Subfield Motion.

The E450 plasma models have been equipped with an EcoSensor, SRS HD and you’ll once again be able to enjoy online content with the ConnectShare Movie functionality.

The Samsung E450 series comes with two panels, measuring 43 and 51-inches in screen size.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
43-inch Samsung PN43E450 $479.99 Buy
51-inch Samsung PN51E450 $619.99 Buy

This is the entire Samsung plasma panel line-up for 2012. The company has once again strived to cover all basis and deliver an entire array of models fit for any taste.


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  1. Ron says:

    What is the difference between the E8000, 7000 & 550? The E550 is almost 50% less than the E8000, and other than the 25M contrast ratio and the camera for skype and gestures, cannot find the $1K difference in price…any help?

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