Samsung Droid Charge Review

On June 5, 2011, in Reviews, Smartphones, by Marty

People in Europe have already got their Samsung Galaxy S II and everyone looks pretty happy with it. For the American people, this wonderful smartphone will arrive a bit later. Until the Galaxy S II finds its way into American pockets, here’s another smartphone using the Super AMOLED Plus 4.3-inch display, the Samsung Droid Charge.

The Samsung Droid Charge is a great smartphone, however it pales in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Until the Galaxy S II arrives, the Droid Charge will give us a preview to some of the features in the Galaxy S II.

Samsung Droid Charge Overview

The Samsung Droid Charge has been equipped with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, featuring a 400×800 resolution and displaying an impressive 16 million colors. The Samsung Droid Charge is not a slim smartphone, it measures 130x68x12mm almost as big as the HTC Thunderbolt 4G. The size isn’t necessarily the issue, the measurements are decent, and the AMOLED screen’s performance compensates for the otherwise bulky look.

The Droid Charge weighs around 143g, which is fairly light in the smartphone world. Samsung made this light smartphone by using plastic parts. Not everyone likes that, however the Droid Charge wears it well. This smartphone looks pretty good overall.

On the bottom side of the Super AMOLED Plus display, you will be able to find four buttons that will remind you of simpler times. The Droid Charge doesn’t use touch buttons, which might be a turn-off for some people.

Samsung Droid Charge Display

The Super AMOLED Plus 4.3-inch display coming with the Droid Charge smartphone is, without any doubt, the selling point for this device. You will be able to find this display in the superior smartphone model coming from the company, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The resolution is nothing new, 400 x 800, there are smartphones on the market already with this resolution. However, in terms of contrast and colors the Super AMOLED Plus is most impressive. The colors displayed on the Super AMOLED Plus are amazing and have been tested under direct sunlight, where many say AMOLED screens have issues.

The issue with the Super AMOLED Plus display, seems to be with the automatic brightness function. It seems that, when this function is enabled, you will be able to see a tint of green that will most likely be a turn off for many buyers. However, if you turn the automatic brightess function off, you will have the amazing colors that Samsung promises as well as a longer battery life.

If we start comparing the Samsung Droid Charge to the Samsung Galaxy S II further, we’ll see that there’s no customizable colors function with the Droid Charge. People will have to do without it in their Samsung Droid Charge, and that’s one of the reasons the Samsung Galaxy S II is the superior model between the two.

Samsung Droid Charge Performance

Samsung has equipped their Droid Charge smartphone with a 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A8 Hummingbird processor, that can also be found in the Galaxy S model from the company. Even though this processor doesn’t belong to the dual-core family, it does it’s job perfectly, ensuring smooth access to every function in this smartphone. The ARM Cortex-A8 Hummingbird processor is almost as fast as the HTC Thunderbolt’s CPU and is enough for the overall functionality of this device.

Battery life is another plus with the Samsung Droid Charge. The Hummingbird CPU also helps this smartphone deliver more battery life than its competitors. The 1,600mAh battery in the Droid Charge deserves its praises.

Another huge plus for the Droid Charge is the LTE connection. This Samsung smatphone makes your average cable modem look obsolete with a download speed of 15Mbps and a upload speed averaging at 3.5Mbps.

The GPS feature is pretty decent with Samsung Droid Charge. Indoors it lacks accuracy and stumbles until it finds an available satellite. However, when bringing it outside, it will find satellites very fast and help you when you need it.

Samsung Droid Charge Software

The Samsung Droid Charge is equipped with Android 2.2 Froyo firmware which will look great on the Super AMOLED Plus display. The Android 2.2 Froyo firmware comes with some great features including the unlocking screen, multiple homescreens and customizable widgets. The Droid Charge has all these features and will allow its users to customize their display according to their needs. Another great feature coming with this smartphone is the ping-to-zoom feature to magnify a certain part of the screen, as well as the dual-clock widget that will allow you to see the current time and time in another area of the world, if you need it. The task manager widget featured with the Droid Charge will give you improved control over the opened apps in comparison to the default widget included with the Froyo.

Of course, you can take full advantage of the Android market to further customize your Droid Charge smartphone even further.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Droid Charge is a decent smartphone overall with two huge pluses – battery life and the Super AMOLED Plus display. Another big plus is the 8MP camera coming with this smartphone, which will take great photos and high quality videos.

On the down side, the plastic case is rather disappointing, most of the time making it look cheap and not very elegant. A plastic case will surely attract scratches and will deteriorate in time. If you’ve decided to buy this phone you’d better get a protective cover as well, you will need it.

The Droid Charge is available right now from Verizon here: Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G Android Phone


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