Pioneer has come up with a brand new Blu-Ray player that’s meant to bring the ultimate audio and video experience in your home. This one is a new addition to the company’s Elite line of Blu-Ray players, a high-end machine coming with 3D Blu-Ray playback and Smart TV capabilities.

The new Pioneer Elite BDP-53FD 3D Blu-Ray player is a 3D-enabled player coming with Internet connectivity through either Ethernet port or WiFi (via adapter) and will enable any user to access the online streaming services available and enjoy HD online content. The BDP-53FD Blu-Ray player features 1080p HD resolution and HDMI 1.4 that will help you upscale your older content to HD resolution.

The new Elite model from Pioneer has been equipped with 36-bit color depth in order to provide rich images, while the PQLS bit-stream multi-channel feature eliminates jitter and lets you enjoy the highest quality video. If you choose to connect this player to your AV receiver, you will benefit from flawless audio quality that’s perfectly in sync with the exceptional video quality.

  • 3D Blu-Ray disc playback
  • 1080p HD upscaling
  • PQLS bit-stream multi-channel
  • Smart features
  • 36-bit color depth

Pioneer’s Elite BDP-53FD 3D Blu-Ray player could be a quality addition to your home theater setup and if you want this player you’ll need to pay $439.99.

NewGadgetz.comPioneer Elite BDP-53FD 3D Blu-Ray Player -
Rating: 8.5/10
2012-02-08 16:23:55


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