Panasonic VT50 Flagship 3D Plasma TVs

On January 29, 2012, in Plasma TV, by Marty

Every year, Panasonic takes the CES event by storm and captures all the attention with their flagship plasma TV models in the VT series. Coming in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes these monster HDTVs are bound to capture the attention of the visitors at the show and this year was no different.

Last year, Panasonic showcased their VT30 line so this year the company seems to have jumped straight to the VT50 series of Plasma TVs. We don’t know what happened to the VT40 series, but it’s safe to say that the Panasonic VT50 models have have been warmly received due to the top-notch features these two bring to the table. Sony and Samsung do the same every year and try to put forward the best of the best, but it always seems Panasonic is one step ahead of the competition with their flagship series, the VT50, for this year.

Panasonic has never paid very much attention to the design, not as much as its main competitors anyway, instead the company strives to bring the latest and best flat screen technology on the market every year. This is the main reason people swarm around Panasonic’s stand to see the VT series models at the CES.

Panasonic P55VT50 and P65VT50 Plasma TVs

Panasonic’s models for this year have been dubbed P55VT50 and P65VT50 and both of them bring new and improved features in comparison to last year’s models.

First of all, the company claims that the VT50 series is 1.5 times brighter than the last year’s models – the VT30, making your 3D experience with these two VT50 models a lot more pleasant. We know how much brightness matters when dealing with active 3D technology and you’ll still need the active shutter glasses with these two.

Other improvements in comparison to last year’s VT30 models consist of a new Louver filter for better contrast, while the company’s proprietary Infinite Black technology is now called Infinite Black Ultra and is all about improved black levels. You will also get something new with the Panasonic VT50, namely the 2500 Focussed Field Drive. The VT30 models were equipped with a 600Hz subfield driving leading to crisper and clearer images, well this year, with the VT50, Panasonic has a 2500Hz driving which basically means the technology is more than four times better, and you’ll be able to enjoy the clearest picture you have ever seen with the new Panasonic P55VT50 and P65VT50.

Other features coming with these two models are Full HD 3D resolution, 2D-to-3D conversion, so you’ll be able to watch your old movie collection in 3D, THX certification for both 3D and 2D, a new Viera Touch Pad Controller, 24,576-step gradation-technology and ISFccc calibration mode.

Further more, you’ll be able to find the Viera Connerct Internet based platform, allowing you to access Internet Streaming Services such as Neflix, Pandora, VUDU, or Hulu plus which also features a built-in web browser and will connect to your home network with the aid of the WiFi connectivity on-board.

Screen Size Model Price Buy
55-inch Panasonic P55VT50 $2,377 Buy
65-inch Panasonic P65VT50 $3,999 Buy

It’s safe to say that both the P55VT50 and the P65VT50 plasma TVs will become a popular choice for those who want to own the best of the best every year.

Panasonic’s P55VT50 and P65VT50 will arrive in Spring 2012 while the prices remain unknown for now.


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