Nikon has just showcased their new S9300 and S9200 compact cameras and now the company adds a rugged digital camera to its CoolPix line.

The Nikon CoolPix S30 is a rugged digital camera so if you’re planning to take a perilous trip or need a rugged camera that you can use in a dangerous environment this one might be the camera for you.

This new Nikon camera has been tested in dangerous environments in order to prove its resistance. The company says their S30 rugged digital camera is meant to withstand shocks if dropped, is dust resistant and waterproof so you’ll be able to take underwater pictures as well.

The camera has three large buttons and a few other buttons on the rear for adjusting image settings. The CoolPix S30 digital camera comes with 10.1-megapixels, 2.7-inch LCD display and 3x optical zoom as well as 720p HD video recording.

Nikon has also included a built-in editing funtion and you’ll be able to include several effects to your photos, in order to make them more appealing. There are special effects such as Highlight color, Fisheye effect and Soften filte function that you can use on your photos to make them stand out before you share them with your friends.

The Nikon CoolPix S30 rugged digital camera also features a HDMI input that will enable you to watch your media on the large screen and share videos and slideshows with your friends.

The Nikon S30 rugged camera in now available for pre-order in pink, blue and white for $119.95.

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