Mobile Broadband – What To Look For

On November 30, 2012, in Web, by Marty

As the internet increasingly becomes an integral part of our culture and lifestyle, more and more people are opting to switch to mobile broadband.

As well as allowing users to surf the net on the move, mobile broadband is incredibly convenient, hassle-free and eliminates the need to pay line rental.

If you’re thinking about joining the millions of Britons who are already using mobile broadband, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

Contract lengths

Some mobile broadband providers offer a free or cheaper device, such as a laptop or tablet, if you sign up to a long-term contract – although doing so means you may not be able to switch to a better deal at a later date. With short-term contracts you might find yourself having to pay a setup fee, or for the USB stick or data card.

Coverage in your area

Most providers have a website where you can type in the postcodes of places you will be using the service. It is a good idea to take advantage of this, and check carefully what sort of coverage you will be getting in places that you frequent (home, work, college, etc). It is worth bearing in mind though that these are only guides and cannot provide you with an exact report of the coverage you can expect.


The majority of packages enforce a limit on how much you can use each month. Some services can charge a lot if you go over your monthly usage limit, so it’s a good idea to work out exactly what you’ll be using your mobile broadband service for before signing up – and check what the excess usage charges are.

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