Improve Your Life, Buy a Smartphone

On December 23, 2011, in Smartphones, by Marty

Improving your life with a smartphone isn’t as easy as buying a mobile device and waiting to see what will happen—these gizmos feature apps to do just that. Your mobile phone can become a toolkit to store tons of different programs that will help you make changes, stay on schedule, communicate with others, and learn new things.

Complete Goals
With a smartphone, you’re never really away from the office. Many apps will help you start improving your life professionally. Instant communication (in the form of voice chat and emails) allows you to stay in touch with clients and employees, enabling you to monitor projects from your house or even from the beach.

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Scheduling and alert apps help you focus on improving your life with a smartphone by keeping you on track and helping you complete your goals, so nothing is forgotten or overlooked. When you’re more conscientious at your job, you’ll make your boss and your customers happy. Smartphones also help you to be more productive. Increased productivity leads to increased profits—and that brings everyone in a state of bliss.

Be Informed
Missed the game? Didn’t see the latest political debate? Forgot to watch the late night interview that created buzz? Smartphones put a world of entertainment and news stories right at your fingertips. You’ll have the ability to immediately access videos, catch up on all the headlines, read all the scores, and even re-play your favorite TV shows or the big game you missed—you can do all of these with your smartphone. There’s no reason why you should rely on secondhand information when you can use apps to find any information you want.

Stay in Touch

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Don’t lose touch with your circle of friends and family, no matter how far away you are from each other. Smartphones make communication easy. With a few buttons, it’s possible to send pictures and videos to anyone on your contact list and make them feel like a part of your life. Improving your life with a smartphone will benefit those close to you as well, keeping you close to loved ones in spite of distance or scheduling conflicts. Video chat, instant messaging and text messaging allow you to communicate with loved ones right away.

Some apps will teach you how to exercise, provide stress-relief tips, even show you how to form good habits and avoid the bad ones. Smartphone apps will also teach you new things—everything from how to knit to building an addition to your home. Improving your life with a smartphone is easy; it’s like having a life coach right in your pocket!


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