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Brighten up for the summer

This summer is all about colour! Fashion designers and style editors are all talking about big, bold shades. Yellows, pinks, oranges and blues – whatever colour works best for you and your skin tone. So don’t be shy, put it on and wear it with pride.

The only problem that you might experience with colourful clothes is that they don’t tend to stay bright for all that long. They look great in the shop, and when you get them home, try them on and wear them the first few times, they really shine. But once they’ve been washed once or twice, they can start to lose their intensity. Even the boldest colours can start to look flat and lifeless – and that’s not what you want for this summer season.

How to keep your summer colour

Looking after your colours doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to make sure that you’re using the right detergent with the right washing machine. There are plenty of colour-specific laundry powders and gels that lock in colour, and guard against it running. This is also good news if you accidentally put a red sock in with a white wash – unless you love pink, of course!

You’ll also need to have a great washing machine to get the best out of your clothes. With a Hoover washing machine, your clothes will look better for longer. Even at lower temperature settings, it will clean effectively, looking after your garments for maximum impact.

Add some conditioner or fabric softener to your wash to keep your clothes soft and in the best condition possible. And when the temperature rises in the summer months, having soft and clean fabrics against your skin is definitely a bonus.

Trust in technology

If your old washing machine is struggling to keep your clothes looking their best, then maybe it’s time you made the step up. With great washing machines from brands like Hoover available online at kandco.com, you can choose a machine that is most suitable for your needs. Then when it’s time do all those washes over the summer, you’ll know you can trust your machine, safe in the knowledge that all you have to do is hang your clothes out to dry in the sunshine and put them back on again, good as new. Let’s make this summer as colourful as we can.


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