Google to Release Cloud Storage Service

On February 11, 2012, in Google, News, by Marty

We know how Google loves to dominate everything in the online world, so the online giant has decided to venture in Cloud Storage business as well.

The cloud storage business is becoming more and more popular, so it was just a matter of time before Google would see the benefits of covering this niche.

Cloud storage allows you to back-up and store your files on remote servers and access them on all your devices, whenever you want. Cloud storage was made famous by the likes of DropBox and iCloud, so the new G-Drive cloud storage service from Google plans to steal some business from these two.

Google announced that it plans the official release of their G-Drive service in the next couple of months and will be free for everyone to use, except for companies who require large amounts of space.

For those business users, Google will come up with a few paid plans in order to accommodate all needs and requirements.

The new G-Drive will most likely offer more space than DropBox or iCloud, so most users will switch immediately after release to the new Google G-Drive cloud storage service.


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