HDTV manufacturers should be aware of this new product coming from Epson, as it renders their displays obsolete.

This is Epson’s Movierio BT-100, the first ever see-through wearable display powered by Android.

If you still have trouble understanding how these smart glasses work, you should know that there’s a micro projection technology involved and an Android-powered trackpad that let’s you control what you’re watching.

Wearing this pair of “smart glasses” will let users perceive a virtual 80-inch screen, projected directly to the user’s surrounding environment. Best of all, there’s also 3D support and Dolby surround sound which makes the experience with these glasses even more enjoyable.

Other features coming with the magic Epson magic glasses include WiFi connectivity and will allow you to connect to the Internet and watch online content and also install Android apps to further extend the Moverio BT-100 funtionality.

There’s only 1GB of internal memory with these smart glasses, but considering the size, that’s understandable. The good news is that you can add a microSD/SDHC card with up to 32GB for some extra space and take these glasses on the road.

The Epson Moverio BT-100 smart glasses will support Flash and you’ll be able to use them for 6 hours staright before they need recharging.

The price tag for these is $699 and they are available starting April 6 on amazon.com

. Are we just now witnessing the dawn of a new age, where displays are becoming obsolete?


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