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Taking screenshots on an Android device is not a  tough task.  Android does offer native support for the screenshots. Most of the Android smartphones come with different key combinations to enable taking screenshots. Some devices even provide gesture controls for the screenshots. Even then, at times we feel the need for third party screenshot apps.

Where is the need for third party apps?

Now that almost all Android devices have native support for screenshots, while some high end handsets offering gesture controls – where is the need for an additional app for the same purpose? Well, if you are someone who frequently takes screenshots, and need to share them – then you need an app that enhances the quality of the screenshots taken.

The third party screenshot apps provide you the better sharing options. Moreover, they enhance the screenshots. Most of thethird party screenshot apps come with their own editing tools. If youlove doodling your screenshots, a third party screenshot app is quite important. The cool additional features are what make your experience quite graceful.

Having understood that, let us now list out our top picks for a few great screenshot apps for Android.

#1. Screenshot Easy

Like thename, like theapp. Yes, that is exactly what we can say about Screenshot Easy. Why? Because the app offers you a huge list of options to take a screenshot. It is not only easy to take a screenshot, but there are easy ways to view or share the screenshots you have taken with the app.

There are multiple ways to take a screenshot. You can use key combinations, tap on the icon, click on the notification or shake the device to take a screenshot. The app, however, does not support advanced editing the screenshots taken.

In fact, the overlaying capture option makes it one of the easy to use screenshot apps for Android. The simple UI and a few editing options make it a good choice for the day to day needs of taking screenshots. The free version has frequent intrusive ads. If you do not want to see ads, you may opt for the Pro version.

#2. Screenshot Ultimate

Screenshot Ultimate offers a huge list screenshot triggers to choose from. Yes, you get an unbelievable fourteen triggers, or methods to take screenshots.

The looks and design may not impress you. However, yes – if you want a power packed performer when it comes to a great screenshot app for Android, the Screenshot Ultimate should be the real ultimate choice. The huge number of triggers would mean at least a few of them will work on any smartphone. Some of the triggers include shaking your phone, tapping on the overlaying icon, key combinations and tapping on the widget buttons.

Screenshot Ultimate also has advanced triggers in the form of Audio triggers, Proximity Triggers, and intent triggers. The screenshot app has intrusive ads, which can only be done away with by opting for Pro version.

#3. Capture Screenshot

Capture Screenshot is yet another app that offers you multiple capturing options. The tool also comes with inbuilt basic editing options to draw lines on the shots taken. In addition, you can also add text and images to the screenshots captured with the app. Capture Screenshot also lets you alter brightness, color, and sharpness as well.

The app has a great looking interface. The design is one of the features that sets it apart from most other screenshot apps in this list. The app has been donebeautifully. It provides a good number of triggers like overlay button, shaking your phone or notification shade.

You just need to click the Start Service button once, and it will keep working in the background. It will detect all the screenshot you take. The app has basic editing features like adding text, cropping or drawing over the captured images. You also get access to a number of filters to apply. Capture Screenshot also comes with themes. Though themes will not add any functionality, they help you give a personalized look. Opting for Pro version removes ads and offers some additional filters.

#4. Perfect Screen Shot

Perfect Screen Shot is yet another great app that stands out from the crowd. The app comes with Material Design looks in tune with Google way of working.

The app is not a screenshot app in its entirety.It does not take screen shots, but it detects when you take a screenshot and opens it for you for further processing. The Perfect Screen Shot is actually a screenshot editor in essence. It lets you add frames, backgrounds and other options to choose from. The app has anenormous lot filters and editing options. You can add different frames, add glare and shadows or even blur sections of the screenshot.

The free version of the app has limited functionalityin terms ofa number of frames available or the editing capability. The Pro version named Ultra offers you 3D frames and advanced editing options.

#5. Screen shot Snap

This is yet another app that excels in editing your screenshots. The ScreenShot Snap app does nothing much when it comes to taking your screenshots, but once itis taken the app detects it and offers a wider range of editing options.

The app can be of much help when you want to share your screenshot. As soon as you take a screenshot, the app will open it for you and present the editing options before you. The Screenshot Snap offers you doodling with the help of paintbrush and / or pencil. The editing options include inserting arrows, text or shapes.

You can increase or decrease the image quality as per your needs. There are limited options in terms of editing and other features. The paid version offers features like some awesome stamps, cloud uploads and more of such advanced features.

The concluding thoughts

That concludes our top five picks for the best screen shot apps available for Android. We have listed out the apps available in the wider range. While some of the apps excel in taking screen shots at ease, some others featured in the list work great with editing options. You can choose your favorite app as per the needs you have, If your phone has good screenshot taking features, it would be a very good idea to opt for a basic screen shot app. Share your choice and let us know what you feel about the features.

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