The Android Market is more like a Wonderland for Android fans and smartphone owners, offering an enormous amount of great apps people can install for free. Many people love Android given its open source nature and even if it’s not as rich in apps as the iPhone marketplace, the love for Android apps keeps growing.

Most Android apps come for free and the most popular ones are those which offer easy access to social media profiles and are easy to use. If you’ve just bought an Android Smartphone, these are the apps that will need so you can take the best out of it.

1. Facebook for Android

Facebook has become addictive over the last couple of years and smartphones now offer dedicated buttons for the easiest access to your Facebook profile. Facebook for Android app is not as complex as Facebook and that’s to be expected, however it soon received an upgrade that added the Inbox support, which allows users to message each other in real time. If you’re a Facebook addict, the Facebook for Android App is a must-have.

2. Seesmic

Seesmic is one of the most popular Android apps for Twitter users. Even though Twitter has released its own app, people have stuck with Seesmic as it supports to multiple Twitter accounts as well as a widget showing the latest tweets on the home screen. This apps also features a remarkable design which people seem to enjoy very much and makes the Seeismic app for Android one of the best apps found in the Marketplace.

3. Google Sky Map

This one is wonderful app, especially if you’re an astrology fan. It lets you use your Android phone’s orientation tools to give you the most accurate map of the stars, planets and constellations that are above you.

You’ll be able to find out right away what constellations are over your head so you can easily impress the girl you’re dating :).

The Google Sky Map for Android will work fine even if you’re indoors and you can download it for free from the Android market.

4. WordPress for Android

If you’re a blogger, you will need this one for sure. It’s the WordPress for Android developed by wpToGo a while ago, which WordPress recently purchased and developed further to extend its functions. The latest version features integration with other apps, letting you spin content and send it to the app for blog posting. It still needs some features but it’s a must-have for a blogger nonetheless.

5. AppMonster App for Android

Android’s way of managing apps is a bit harder than it should be. There are many sub screens to navigate untill you can uninstall an app. The AppMonster app for Android makes the process of managing apps a lot easier and you can also back-up your entire app collection on your smartphone’s SD card for increased safety.

6. RAC Traffic

The RAC Traffic Android App will help you a lot if you’re travelling. It will estimate your position and display traffic alerts in your area so you won’t get stuck in traffic. It will display reports from traffic services and keep you updated about any events on your route. If you’re on the road a lot make sure you install the RAC traffic app for Android.


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  1. RAC Traffic is very interesting app. Google sky map? I never had an interest until I tried this app.
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