5 of the Holiday Season’s Hottest Gadgets

On November 25, 2011, in Web, by Marty

The holiday season is here and with it is a flurry of hot, high-tech must-haves. In this techno-centric world we live in, there really is no shortage of fascinating gadgetry items that make perfect gifts for a variety of people on your list. If you need some help deciding, this list is for you. Here are five of the holiday season’s hottest gadgets.

Samsung MV800 Camera. The thing that makes this camera so awesome is the fact that it has a three-inch, flip screen with a touch pad interface. Not only that, but this camera boasts a 16.1 megapixel sensor, a 5X optical zoom lens, HDMI output capacity, 3D shooting modes, high quality video recording, and a second, rear shutter button for self-portrait mode. All of this you get for a modest $280.

Timex Global Trainer Watch. This selection is for that special outdoor enthusiast in your life who also happens to love modern technological conveniences. The waterproof Global Trainer Watch comes complete with speed, distance and pace tracking, a heart monitor, and built-in GPS.

EReaders. For the voracious reader, purchase a Kindle or a Nook. EReaders are invaluable for anyone who likes to read because their special screens can be viewed in bright sunlight. What’s more is eReaders are relatively expensive. It’s possible to find a decent, basic eReader for under $100.

IPod Touch. This gadget is perfect for adults and kids alike. Adults will appreciate the broad functionality of the iPod Touch, while children will love having a portable game player. The iPod Touch is a great alternative to hand-held game systems when you consider many iPod Touch apps can be purchased for less than a few dollars, while game cartridges for portable game consoles cost $39 or more.

Tablet PC. This holiday season, tablet PCs are a hot commodity, and that’s largely because manufacturers are now offering impressive tablets for much lower price points. You no longer have to spend $500 on an iPad when you can purchase high-quality, high-capacity tablets like the Kindle Fire for only $200.

This holiday season is sure to be an especially good year for those who are into technology. As the market is flooded with more and more variety, manufacturers are clamoring to top each other with newer and better offerings – and for less money. Take advantage of this holiday season’s awesome techno market by choosing your gifts from this list of hot holiday gadgetry.

About the Author: Ellsworth Lacatena loves technology and gadgets and hopes to find at least one new trinket under the tree this year. He is a finance specialist who focuses on bringing accounting recruitment firms together with qualified workers.


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